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Sloppy mountainous land left little space to agricultural lands. Vertical-scaling stretch is their characteristic feature. Brown lands are encountered in the Cemi pond (200-1000 m high) and make up 59% of the field surface. Grey-dark forest lands stretch from 800 m to 1200 m high in the Cemi pond area and from 1500 m to 1800 m high in that of Vermoshi, thus occupying 35% of the land area.. They are distinguished for their great dampness, a 35 to 60-centimeter-thick profile, high humus percentage and lack of azotes. Azonal (carbona­te-humus) lands of Vukel and, not that much, those of Vermoshi are included here. Mountainous meadowlands lie 1500 m high. They are very fertile, humus thickness
is 60-70 cm, but their great height impedes field plant cultivation and favors sum­mer pastures and, not that much, the cultivation of the plant of potato. Primitive lands (sandy and gravely earth) stretch by the river flows (Vermosh, Nikē, Vukėl) where Salix tree abundantly grows.

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