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Based on archaeological findings and written documents, it is supposed that inhabitants settled in Kelmendi since ancient times and constantly lived in this place.
It is now a long period of time when a treasury of Illyrian money was found in Selca and it is supposed that people lived in some caves since ancient times. Lately, ceramic fragments of the ancient Bronze Age, Copper and iron vessels, animal fossils, live coal drawings etc were seen in the cave of Lule Ndreu (Vukel).
These testify the existence of cave dwelling places since neolith (6000-2600 B.C.).
In the Vl-th century, A.D. Prokopi of Cezare mentioned the Byzantine castle, Klementiana.
Until recently, the origin of present inhabitants is based on folk stories. The main story is the one, which considers Kelmece, a boy from Kuci Kelmece married Bube and settled in Peshtan. When he died, the county was called after his name and the villages after the names of his sons (Sell, Vuli, Nili, Boga).This old story corresponds with the existence of Albanian groups in the area of the Cemi River, in 1278, mentioned by M.Shuflaj. Dr.F.Nopca thinks that Vukli and Nikci inhabi­tants come from Vuthajt. These opinions are further consolidated by the genealogi­cal data pointed out by L.Rrotani, who distinguishes between the group of Peshtani and Anas group with two sub-groups.
Even in the Turkish Register of Shkodra Sanxhak (municipality) in 1497, Kelmendi is registered as an Albanian organized tribe with 2 villages, 5 big quarters and 152 houses. In short, inhabitants Albanian autochthony is reflected in the German Encyclopedia in 1824 through the following words 'Kelmendi people, Arnauts (Albanians) come from ancient Illyrian tribes'.

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