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The Commune of Kelmend is located in the north end of the Republic of Albania, in the administrative territory of the Malesia e Madhe region, which is included in the Shkodra Prefecture, and shares the border with the Republic of Montenegro. The Commune of Kelmend has a North-South extension of 24 km and an East-West exten­sion of 24.5 km. It is positioned between the geographical coordinates: 42 grade 24 min 22 sec Mountain pass in Kapa-Brojė and 42 grade 39 min 45 sec the top of the Zhihova mountain-Vermosh, northern geographic latitude 19 grade 30 min 12 sec state border, Cem River and 19 grade 15 min 01 sec of eastern geographic latitude the Jezerca Lakes. The Commune of Kelmend shares its borders with the Commune of Shkreli, Commune of Kastrati of Shkodra, and Commune of Margegaj of Tropoja and Montenegro. The total length of the border of the commune is 102 km, 99.5 km of which   Touristic center in Lepushe are land-border and 2.5 km river-border. The length of the border with Montenegro is 68 km, which makes up 66.6 % of the total border. The border with Montenegro in the east starts with the Cemi river and it continues north with the mountain pass of Poprati, mountain top of Sokoli, Vila, the upper part of the Vermoshi stream, mountain pass of Mojani, mountain top of Zhihova (North border of Albania). In the southeast direction, the landmarks are the mountaintop of Kapurani, mountain pass of Lipovica, the bottom part of the Vermoshi stream, mountaintop of Trojani and Edhave, field of Runica, peak of Cokista, and lakes of Jezerca. The land marks of the border of the Kelmend Commune with other communes are the mountain top of Kokerdha, mountain top of Jezerca, mountain pass of Vali of Peja, mountain top of Vizhnja, mountain top of Rriskuli, mountain top of Muriqille, mountain pass of Kapa and Dasmoreve and ends with Cemi River. The commune has an above the sea level that varies from 210-2554 m.
The area of the Commune of Kelmend is 353 km2, which makes up 33.5 % of the territory of Malesia e Madhe and 16.4 % of the Albanian Alps.


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