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  Places of living - Vermosh
Vermosh is the most northern village of Albania. It stretches on the wide and flat foun­dations of the valley, which bears the name of the village. The valley is composed of shale of typical glacial origin and its height is 1055 m.
Some very important objects as the "suspending" glacial trough of Skropatusha, Gercari canyon, much crumpled rocks on the way to Lepusha, the karstic cave of Jacica. Its climate is mountainous, it is cold (it snows and freezes) in winter and summer is as pleasant as spring is. A typical stream, which bears the cha­racteristics of a field river, flows across the village. Streams and waterfalls run along the slopes, fresh and healthy springs come up here and there. About 1.5 million m3 beech and partly pine and fir timber cover valley slopes thickly. Vermoshi alpine-lands (Seferce, Smutiroga, Lugu i Dolit, Perbica, Grebeni etc.) and the meadows by the houses are rich in pastures and more than 30 kinds of medical, endemic plants grow there and a great number of animals live.
In 1998, the village numbered about 1430 inhabitants. They came from Selca by the end of the XIX century. The inhabitants took part in many anti-ottoman and anti-Montenegrin wars, this is the birthplace of the patriots, Mem Smajli, Prek Cali etc.
The village is made up of 5 quarters. People live in two or three-storey houses built of stone In the front of houses, there is a balcony mounted on logs which come out of the walls, whilst inside there are regular shaped and artistically equipped rooms, which offer hygienic sanitary condi­tions. Wood and wool craft is well known. Inhabitants preserve county's traditional costume. Economy's main direction is livestock (there are 380 heads of cattle and 1800 sheep).Woods and pastures leave little space to agricultural lands (115 ha), potato is the main plant cultivated in this area. There are many buildings as a bar-restaurant, the hotel, shops, a primary school, a center of health and the church in the center


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