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Kelmendi Commune offers a picturesque panorama were different shapes of relief are mixed with reach flora and fauna, characteristic alpine houses and above all the hospitality of the peoples of the area.
There are many natural important objects in the area like canyons, caves, hydrographical resources etc.
Kelmendi offers summer and winter tourism for the visitors that admire the beauty of this alpine and picturesque area.
Most common visits for vacation, are emigrants that, visit their families and friends. Besides them, there are Albanian- and foreign visitors, mainly people that are fond of hiking and visiting wild landscapes in mountain areas.
Kelmend offers potentials to tourists, alpinists, speleologist, skiers, geo-morphologists, biologists for which the relief elements of our Alps can give a great delight.
Visitors leave Kelmendi taking with them a lot of energy, unforgettable memories and sometimes traditional gifts like music instruments, wood carved objects, wool characteristic products, leaflets, touristic guides etc

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