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From the climatical point of view, the Kelmendi Commune belongs to the Mountainous-Mediterranean zone, with cold winters and cool sum­mers. The average temperatures are: in the Cemi's basin 14 C; in the Vermoshi valley 7 C, in the mountains 5 C. The coldest month of the year is January with average temperatures: 0 C in the Cemi's ba­sin, -3 C in the Vermoshi valley, -8C in the mountains. The hottest month of the year is July with average temperatures: 18-20 C in the Cemi's basin, 16.1 C in the Vermoshi valley, 12C in the mountains. Kelmend is one of the wettest zones of our country. The annual rainfall in this zone is: 2308 mm in the Cemi's basin, 2021 mm in the Vermoshi valley, 2500-3500 in the mountains. The average number of rainy days is about 140. The driest month is August; the average rainfall is 78.9 mm in Cemi, 85.3 mm in Vermoshi and 150 mm in the mountains.
Kelmendi region is also distinguished for the large amount of the snowfall. The average snow thickness is 25-50 cm in Cem, around 100 cm in Vermosh and more than 150 cm in the mountains. Snow lies on the ground 20-60 days a year in Cemi, 100 days a year in Vermoshi and 140 days a year in the mountains
It annually rains 120 days in Cemi basin, 140 days in Vermoshi and 140 days in the mountains. Cemi basin acquires 2200 sunny hours a year, Vermoshi acquires 200 less.
Concerning the local winds, Murlan, ice-wind (dry and cold), sirocco and south-wind (warm and wet) as well as mountain and valley wind show off.


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