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Kelmendi Commune is rich in water resources. Cemi is the main river that runs through the Commune. It runs along the northwest of the Alps. It has a total length of 62.2 km. Its basin covers an area of 368 km2.  238 km2 of its basin and 30.8 km of its length are within the territory of the Republic of Albania. The average altitude of the Cemi River is 1237 m above sea level. Cemi is composed of two branches: Cemi of Selca and Cemi of Vukli. Cemi of Selca is 22.5 km long and Cemi of Vukli 17.9 km long. Cemi of Selca is the northern branch. It begins in the springs of Koprishti and goes up to the Holes of Selca. Its valley has the features of a canyon, with very steep crests, significant slope and many small waterfalls. Cemi of Vukli is the southern branch of the Cemi's river. It begins in the spring of Vukli (in Lluga). After it passes Flishi, in the upper part of its stream it enters the ridge of Golishti and Dubina, where it forms narrow valleys with very steep crests and waterfalls.
Both branches of Cemi join each other in Tamara. Then, Cemi runs in the southwest direction going through a typical valley that has a 'V' shape. It goes through limestone blocks of Mizhdrakuli and Kapezdroja and near Grabomi, it leaves the Albanian territory. Cemi brings 25.5 m3/sec water, and it is rich in trout.
Vermoshi river (20.7 km long with a 93, 3 km2 catchment area) springs and flows out of the frontier, passes along a typical glacial valley and is one of the numerous tributaries of the Danube river. Its average annual debit is 4.8 m3/s. During the period of rainfall, it overflows and causes consi­derable damages.
The group of Jezerca lakes, 6 lakes of glacial-karstic origin, offers their alpine beauty among the high mountains of Jezerca mountainous block.


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