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Study of Kelmend area had started since last century.  The first that entered in Kelmend were foreign researchers P.Coronelli, A.Boue, A.Viquesnel, E.Liebert, K.Steinmeci, J.Cvijic and later A.Baldaēi, F.Nopēa, E.Durham, LDorfler, B.Bauer, P.Gilione etc.
In their books there are different data about the nature of North Albania, were Kelmendi is included as well as cultural in heritage of inhabitants. They wrote with respect and sympathy about high virtues of the people of highlands considering Alps as amazing land.
However from all studies conducted are distinguished the ones of the great paleontologist, geologist and well-known Albanolog from Hungary Dr. Franc Nopēa. This erudite author prescribes in general cultural enriches of North Albania and he is the first that did the regionalization of Alps distinguishing as a separate part Malesia e Madhe.
For Alps, were Kelmend is included, there are two dissertations held: Albanian Alps - Morphologic Study, on 1994, by Gj.Gruda and Morphometric Characteristics of water basins of Albanian Alps, on 1988, by K.Talani.
The first book titled Kelmend- genealogy of Nikēi family is published in Peje on 1989, by H.Gjonbalaj. Later on groups of authors have presented Kelmend in their books with national major value like Histori of Albania, Geology of Albania, Geography of Albania, Physical Geography of Albania, Climate of Albania, Hydrology of Albania, Flora of Albania and Albanian Encyclopedic Vocabulary.
In 1998 is published the book titled Kelmend - geographic and touristic view by Prof.As.Dr. Gjovalin Gruda and Prof.As.Dr. Selman Sheme.
This year is published the book Morfometry of water basins in Albanian Alps by Prof.As.Dr. Rifat Talani.

Kreshta historie ne Kelmend,
written by Halil Puēpapaj and published in 2003.
written by  Rush Gragu, published in 2001
Prek Cali Kelmendi dhe Kelmendasit,
written by Dr. Luigj Martini published in 2005
Profil of Kelmend Commune - Malėsi e Madhe
prepared by Cafod Albania.
Malėsia e Kelmendit - Monograph
writen by Kolė Progni, published in 2000
This book was very useful for Kelmendi website content preparation. In the chapters of this book, the author gives detail information about Kelmend, its history, nature, tradition and potentials of this area.
Vėzhgime iliro-shqiptare,
This book is considered as one of the best sources of information about Albania, written by Dr. Ludvig von Thallóczy in cooperation of well-known experts of Albanian history and South East Europe such as M. Suflay, Th. Ipen, E. C. Sedimayr, J. Ivanič, E. Koracson, B. Pech e K.Thopia etc.
In three chapters, the author is explaining the Albanian origin of Hungarian tribe of Klementin of Petervarad from Albanian fis of Kelmend, ngulimet shqiptare tė shekullit XVII, shkaqet dhe veēoritė e emigrimit masiv tė shqiptarėve drejt Italisė nė shekujt XV-XVI.
Prekė Cali, Piramida e kufijve tė Shqipėrisė,
written by albanian publicyst leaving in Monte Negro, Gjekė Gjonaj 
Malėsia dhe fiset e saj
written by Luan N. Palushaj
Kelmendi nė mjegullnajėn e historisė
written by Nikollė Shyti
Nora e Kelmendit
written by Nikė Bunjaj

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