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After about 50 years of communist rule, Kelmendi fully supported democratic processes, which took place through, blood and sacrifices because the leading party did the utmost to keep the communist dictatorship safe. Albanian Diaspora in New York made the first democratic efforts. There, a powerful demonstration against dictatorship in Albania was organized. Kelmendi people of Diaspora, led by Nike Mernacaj, who became the leader of protests in Diaspora until the moment of his death as a martyr for justice and the freedom of his own people, took place in this demonstration. The 17-year-old boy Pellumb Pellumbaj from Vermoshi was massacred at the border, in June 14, 1990. He became a symbol of the first anticommunist demonstration of Shkodra youth (June 16, 1990). The demonstration was the prologue of people's massive rush in the Embassies (July 2, 1990) and the students movement in Albania.

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