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  Cultural Identity - Day of Logu
Years before in Kelmendi area an event called the 'Log of the Brights' used to take place. The routs of it are in religious ceremonies that took place in the churches of the villages Selcė, Vermosh, Vukėl. Inhabitants from everywere used to come to the holy ceremony. After the ceremony, people went out of the church and all the Brights of that year used to show themselves dressed in traditional clothes that were with many colors.
Meanwhile the fist started with a traditional dance of the area called 'the dance of Logu'. The fist continued with songs, dances, and the nicest bright was selected. This is how 'the day of Logu' a fist that is organized every august in the place called Qafa e Predelecit started.
In the years later, it started to be organized better and better.
The brights of the area according to the tradition used to wear traditional clothes during the weeding ceremony. With the same clothes, they participated to the day of Logu fist. The traditional clothes are used thousands years ago. They are handy prepared with care. This day was the best way to show the beauty of traditional costumes, traditional songs and dances, a parade of the cultural tradition of the area.
During democracy period, more importance is given to this day and it is called the 'Log of Highlands'.
In 1998, 5 girls participated in this event and Liljana Rrukaj from Tamara was the winner.
In 1999, 8 girls participated and more people were present in this fist. Edlira Rrukaj from Broja took the price this year.
After this year people from in and out Albania started to come in Kelmendi in the day of Logu to celebrate together. In 2000, the number of the girls was 9 and more people come to sing and dance the popular songs and dances. The winner was File Lumaj fromVermoshi. This day it will remain one of the best fists of Kelmendi.
In 2001 among 3 girls that participated the winner was Zamira Vaēaj from Tamara.
In 2002 among 5 girls (2 from the Albanians abroad, Plava e Gucia) the winner was Shpresa Vushaj from Vermoshi.
In 2003, more girls participated and the winner was Eltona Vushaj from Vermoshi.
In 2004 was better organized this fist and more girls participated. Among 11 girls, Marjeta Vuktilaj from Vermosh was the winner.
In 2005, the winner was Verzana Pėllumbaj.
In 2006 is organized one of the best fists. 21 girls participated, five of them from Plava and Gucia. The winner was Emanuela Hysaj from Selce.
In 2007 the cultural association 'Jehona e Kelmendit', established in October 2006 and supported by the project 'Rural development of the Kelmendi region' gave a big contribution in successfully organizing the fist. A festive concert was held for three hours. Ejona Volaj from Tamara was the winner.


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