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As many other areas in Albania, Kelmend gives good opportunities to invest in the field of business.
Hard working people are eager to find employment, since the unemployment rate is still considerable.
Initiatives for fish cultivation made already two businesses exceed with success.
One fish cultivation center is successfully working since several years in Tamara.
Gjergj Hysaj, who between Tamara and Selce recently establishes another fish cultivation center, follows this example.
Parameters of this the reservoir: surface 400 m2, water 250 l/sec, holding capacity 100 Kv fish/ year, production capacity 180 kv fish /year. Type of fish cultivated: Iridea trout.
Another successful activity is Birra Tamara-production. 

There are some shops, coffees and restaurants as well as hairdresser, photograph, mechanic and other small shops in the center of Tamara.

Other potential fields that might be better developed: Forestry, Wood/Sawing factory, Milk processing centers, potato seed production, etc.
Opportunities in the Tourism field
We gave in this web site a glance of the possibilities for recreation in the field of Hiking, Hunting and possibly other outdoor activities. Initiatives in this area of tourism have already started. Just a few accommodations are available for lodging.


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