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The favorable climate and plant-growing environment have created a natural zoological garden in Kelmendi
The animals:
The wild beasts in Kelmend are variegated. There could be found mammals, fowls, reptiles, amphibians and insects. The typical mammals are; the brown bear (ursus arctos) in Vermoshi, Nikca, Vukela, lynx (felis lynx), fox (vulpes vulpes) beech marten (martes foina), the pine marten (mates martes). The chamois could be found in Seferca, in the Highland pastures of Vukli and Selca, in the Accursed Highlands etc. Other mammals are the roebuck (rupicarpra rupicarpra), wolf (canis lupus), wild boar (sus scrofa), rabbit (lepus capensis), squirrel (sciurus vulgaris) etc.
We can distinguish the daw (pyrrhocorase spp), wild rooster (tetrao urogalis), peregrine falcon (falco tinnuculus), griffon vulture (gyps fulvus), woodpecker (picus spp), nightingale (acreocephalus) ect.
the turtle (testudo hermani), sand viper (vipera ammodytes), brightly colored flies etc represent the reptiles in the area.
Aquatic fauna:
is represented by the mountainous trout (salmo trutta) of the Cemi river


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