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These alpine-lands stretch at the most northern extreme of Kelmendi. They occupy a 26.6-sq kilometer-surface and their average height is about 1600 m. Of the natural characteristics, the wavy relief, the severe climate, the limited water network, the very rich (10 172 ha of pastures, and 953 ha of wild forests) flora, the wild animals and tempo­rary residences show off. The alpine-lands are made up of two mountainous humps, Zhihove and Marlula hump and that of Lugu i Harushes (the Trough of the Bear).

Zhihova ridge uniformly rises along the frontier with Monte Negro. Of its more than 2000-meter-high ten peaks, the Peak of Jeshidoli (2179 m), the Peak of Zhihova (2174 m) and that of Kapurrani (2123) can be mentioned.

Lugu i Harushes makes the alpine-land look like a big natural amphitheater in 6-kilometers.
Lugu i Harushes is separated from Vermoshi by the 9-kilometer-long and 2,000-meter-high Marlula ridge. Its main peaks are Marlula Peak (2186.3 m), that of Kershi i Djegun (2130 m) and Boja Peak (1936.1 m).
THE RIDGE OF VILA is the smoothest ridge in the Albanian Alps. Its top has the shape of a cone, and it is 2000 m above the sea level. The ridge starts in the Vila Mountain, 2107 m above the sea level. It is a tourist attraction. The highland of Jeshnica is the most beautiful part of the Klemendi's mountains. It is giant step-like boulder, which occupies a territory of about km2.
THE RIDGE OF GOLISHT is 26 km long, in an altitude of about 2000 m above the sea level. Berishdoli is about 2 km2 all covered with beeches. Golishti is the only top of the ridge with an altitude of 2021.7 m above the sea level. The flora of the area is very rich. There are 1785 ha of pastures out of which 375 ha belong to Koprishti and 144.2 ha belong to Golishti.
THE CURSED HIGHLANDS (Bjeshket e Namuna) are in the center of the Albanian Alps. They have as borders alpine villages and mountain passes. In the west the Cursed Highlands border the mountain pass of Vajusha, Lepusha, Jama/ Nikçi, Vukli and karstic plateau of Velecik; in the south, they border the mountain pass of T'thora, Thethi, mountain pass of Valbona and mountain pass of the 'Valbona e vogel'. In this area, there are 70 nameless mountaintops, out of which 42 have an altitude of 2000-2300 m, 22 have an altitude 2300-2500 m and 5 are over 2500 m above the sea level. The highest mountaintop is Jezerca with 2500 m above the sea, which is also called the roof of the Alps. In the Accursed Highlands there is a group of lakes called Jezerca's Lakes, where nine water are springs that deliver huge amounts of water. The ridge of the Albanian Alps has an altitude of 2400-2500 m above the sea level; it is 12 km long and 5-7km wide. It is composed of lime and dolomite stone of the period of Mesozoic. In this area, there are many mountain crests, which are the sharpest crests of the Albanian Alps. Both slopes of the Albs (North- West and Southeast slopes) end with deep valleys and hollows. The highest mountaintops are the mountaintop of Radohina, Sheniku (which have the form of hat), Riskli (2496 m), Prozhuri (2452 m), Shtogu (2496 m) and Langojve (2426 m) (which have pyramidal form). Beech is the typical tree of the area. Different plants could be fount up to an altitude of 1400-1500 m. The alpine pastures could be found in altitudes higher than 1500 m above the sea level.
The Block of Sheniku, is located northwest of the Accursed Highlands. It has an area of 31.2 km2 and it is composed of many sharp mountain crests that have the form of an 'S'. There could be counted 17 mountaintops with an altitude over 2000 m. The highest mountaintop is 2552.9 m and it has a dominant position in the whole block of Sheniku. An interesting phenomenon in this area is the 'Koprishti i Ujk Cares' which consists of two huge holes with an area of 125 ha. This is interesting for its unusual size as well as because of its rich summer pastures.
The hollow of Runica has a total area of 33.5 km2. In this region could be counted 26 mountaintops with an altitude of about 2350 m.
Jezerca block is situated in the southeast of the cursed highlands with a surface of 33.5 km2 were 26 picks are mentioned with average height 2351.
The hollow of Vermoshi is located between the ridges of Marlula and Vila. It is 20.7 km long, l km wide and 1057 m high. In an area of 3714 ha grow about 11 000 000 m3 timber, 30 different kinds of medicinal plants and 11 774 ha pastures.
LEPUSHA VALLEY is one of the most picturesque valleys of the area, where grow different kinds of plants. It is covered with 1544 ha forests, which are estimated to have about 274 774 m3 timber.
The valley of Cemi of Selca is divided in two parts: the upper part and the hole of Selca.

The valley of Cemi of Vukli is positioned between the ridge of Golishti in north and Accursed Highlands and karstic plateau of Veleciku in south.


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