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The Commune of Kelmend would like to thank the following people and organizations that helped in preparation and building of the website www.kelmend.info:

ADC - Austrian Development Cooperation: Financing and ADC information.

Cafod Albania: Contribution in structure preparation, content regarding Cafod activities in the area and selecting the web developer company.

REC Albania: Contribution in content regarding REC Albania activities in the area.

Austroprojekt: Contribution in the process of content preparation and selecting / supporting the web developer company.

Mr. Wolfgang Achleitner, Austroprojekt: Initiator and advisor in building the web-site for the Commune of Kelmend.

Mrs. Arta Cipi, Austroprojekt representative: Coordinating the sources of information, photography and copywriting of the website structure and content.

Mrs. Liza Pellumbi: Head of the Tamara High School-Information about education in the area.

Mr. Festor Volaj: Teacher in Tamara High School- Information about Kelmend.

Mrs. Dile Vašaj, Head of Jehona e Kelmendit: Cultural Association - Information about Cultural Association and the Day of Logu.

Mrs. Angjelina Bujaj, Head of Nora e Kelmendit: Womens Association- Information about the womens Association

P. Serggio Gazzea, Priest: Information and photos about religion

All the local people that are interviewed and helped in material preparation of the website.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Kole Progni, writer of the book: The Highland of Kelmedi (monograph). With his permission, materials of his valuable book are used in this website.

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